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    This resource about the life of U.S. historical figure, Daniel Boone, is an easy to use (print and go) Social Studies and Reading unit! The students will be given 2 pages of informational text. The text is historically accurate but needs to be proofread and corrected! Once corrections are made, they will be asked to answer several questions about the text (multiple choice and short answer).

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    Daniel Boone is regarded as the first real American folk hero. Without his cunning bravery, settlement west of the Appalachians may not have been made possible for years. Boone’s Wilderness Road, which is still used today, helped bridge the Cumberland Gap, granting access to the state of Kentucky from Pennsylvania.

    Thanks to the writing of John S. C. Abbot, the life and genius of Boone can truly be appreciated through Daniel Boone: The Pioneer of Kentucky. Find out just how Boone crafted his Wilderness Trail, what he did to make it happen, and how he overcame the struggles of life in late eighteenth century America.

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