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  • Handwriting-Worksheets

    Provide your students with extra handwriting practice with these Easter themed (bunny and eggs) pages. Students will practice printing manuscript letters and words such as Easter, bunny, basket, eggs as well as two simple sentences: ‘The Easter eggs are in the Easter basket” and “The Easter eggs are dyed many colors.” Students will also love coloring the pictures!

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    Memorization and copy work of scriptures about giving thanks is what this resource has been designed for…and perfect to use during the month of November and around Thanksgiving! This version has 2 pages per verse so that you can choose which best fits each student:

    1. Copy work page for students to ‘copy’ the verse shown
    2. A tracing page for students to trace each word in the verse shown.

    10 scriptures have been selected using both the Old Testament and New Testament.

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