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    Give students the practice they need to truly understand converting numbers (to 120) from standard numbers to number words, number words to standard numbers, as well as to be able to show they understand what the place value of each digit in a standard number represents.  These math skills need repeated practice to help students master these skills and this product includes 30 student pages to give them this practice! This product has also some worksheets with answer banks and some without. This will allow for differentiation if needed or to use at various times along the students’ learning journey.

    What you get:

    • – 5 worksheets: Students given standard numbers and must write the number words (w/ answer bank)
    • – 5 worksheets: Students given standard numbers and must write the number words (no answer bank)
    • – 5 worksheets: Students given number words and must write the standard number of each (w/ answer bank)
    • – 5 worksheets: Students given number words and must write the standard number of each (no answer bank)
    • – 5 worksheets: Students are given a set of numbers and place values of each and students must write the standard number that is represented (example: Given 9 tens + 2 ones / Students are to write 92)
    • – 5 worksheets: Students are give a standard number and must breakdown and write the place values of each digit (example: Give 85 / Students are to write 8 tens 5 ones)
    • – Answer Keys
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    This Christmas themed resource, Peppermint Candy Numbers and Number Words, was created to help students learn to identify and match numbers and number words. It also includes Math mats for students to begin creating addition, subtraction and multiplication problems! These materials are perfect to create holiday math centers and bulletin boards for numerous fun activities. 


    • * Number strips (1 – 100)
    • * Number cards (1 – 100)
    • * Number words (one – fifty)
    • * Signs (+,-,x,=)
    • * Sign words (plus, minus, times, equals)
    • * Plenty of blank Peppermint cards to add your own numbers and words!
    • * MATH MATS *
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  • Butterfly Number Cards - Math

    This Math resource includes number cards with both numbers and number words from 1 to 120 and designed to help students develop number sense knowledge. Students can use to count, sort, match and more. Colorful and butterfly themed. Simply print, laminate and cut out individual cards to use again and again.

    Need to add numbers higher than 120? I’ve included a complete set of blank templates so all you’ll need to do is add the numbers and number words.

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    Christmas Math for Kindergarten is perfect for the holidays with 18 engaging worksheets that can be used in math centers, for seat work or fun, holiday homework.

    * Number recognition
    * Number word recognition
    * Simple 1 digit addition and subtraction
    * Fine motor skills through tracing numbers and number words as well as cutting and pasting!

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    Letter recognition skills are required for developing reading and writing skills. Number and number word recognition skills are required for developing reading, writing and math skills.

    Using these cards children can…
    – Identify, name and match upper and lower case letters
    – Identify, name and match numbers with number words

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    This resource, Numbers & Colors – Matching Cards, has been designed with young learners in mind (preschool – prek). It includes 3 sets of matching cards and your kids will love playing matching games with the cards!

    Set 1: All B/W – Numbers 1 through 12
    Set 2: Color matching number cards – Numbers 1 through 12
    Set 3: Match the color bears with the color names

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    This resource has a variety of activities to keep your students busy practicing and reinforcing learned Math Skills during the month of January!


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    FUN, Colorful, October-themed Math Centers for 1st Grade will provide you the resources you need to create several center activities for your students!

    PLEASE NOTE: This can be used for older students as well! Please check out the description below to see exactly what this resources includes.

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    Fun counting and numbers learning (1-10) for your early learners! October Math for PreK is a 34 page that includes a colorful number wall display (showing numbers, number words and pictures) with b/w student copies, 8 student simple student worksheets and 14 pages of center activities!

    Students can learn and practice counting numbers 1-10 (seeing corresponding number words) throughout this resource. Also, you’ll find some very simple visual addition and subtraction practice as well!

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