Antonym and Synonym Centers & Games-Winter Theme


This 78 page word meaning resource will provide your students with hours of practice matching Antonyms and Synonyms through fun Winter themed activities. These materials can be used to create engaging centers (with “Go Fish” and “Concentration” games) as well as you can create an interactive, manipulative bulletin boards with the Mitten Match and Hat-in-Scarf Match!

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Antonym Mitten Match
Use in a center or create an interactive bulletin board.
Includes 24 word pairs

Antonym “Go Fish” Game
Includes 2 sets, 16 different pairs in each

Antonym “Concentration” Game
Includes 2 sets, 12 different pairs in each

Synonym Hat-in-Scarf Match
22 word pairs

Synonym “Go Fish” / “Concentration” Game
Includes 2 sets, 20 different pairs in each

Antonyms contained within the unit:

all/none, big/little, day/night, fake/real, best/worst, give/take, in/out, stop/go, fast/slow, wet/dry, up/down, near/far, loud/quiet, good/bad, hot/cold, give/take, pull/push, young/old, cloudy/sunny, add/subtract, answer/question, begin/end, create/destroy, more/less, first/last, real/fake, left/right, easy/hard, listen/ignore, east/west, north/south, even/odd, most/least, male/female, girl/boy, straight/bent, loose/tight, shiny/dull, upper/lower, cause/effect, fact/fiction, same/different, future/past, simple/complex, problem/solution, multiply/divide, common/rare, lead/follow, positive/negative

Synonyms contained within the unit:

angry/mad, assist/help, below/under, bother/annoy, buy/purchase, choose/pick, mix/combine, end/conclude, dad/father, mom/mother, dirt/soil, find/locate, easy/simple, equal/same, get/receive, image/picture, copy/imitate, smart/intelligent, law/rule, object/thing, watch/observe, name/title, quiet/silent, right/correct, order/sequence, rich/wealthy, tell/say, lift/raise, save/rescue, thin/narrow, trade/swap, trash/garbage, danger/hazard, empty/vacant, float/drift, real/genuine, rush/hurry, work/labor, pretty/beautiful, dive/plunge


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