Frog Life CycleFrog Life Cycle

Life Cycle of a Frog | Science Student Created Book


This cross-curricular (Science / Literacy Writing ) product will have students creating their very own mini-books detailing the life cycle of a frog!

Knowledge students will learn:

The book will begin with the female frog laying her eggs near or in water. Students will then learn about the tadpole, what it looks like and what it eats and how it grows and turns into a froglet. They will learn how the froglet has developed the ability to breathe and live on land and then turns into a frog. Does a frog eat different things than a tadpole? Students will find out! At the end of the unit, there is also a coloring page of the different stages from egg to frog.

Students will: — read the text — draw a picture — write (copy) the written text

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