Life Cycle of a Ladybug - BeetleLife Cycle of a Ladybug - Beetle

Life Cycle of a Ladybug | Science Learning for Young Students


This cross-curricular (Science / Literacy Writing ) product will have students creating their very own mini-books detailing the life cycle of a ladybug!

Knowledge students will learn: The book will begin by identifying a ladybug as a beetle. The students will then learn that the mother ladybug lays tiny yellow eggs in clusters under a leaf and continues as the larva hatches and begins to eat. What do ladybugs eat? Students will find out! They will also learn what the ladybug pupa looks like before attaching itself to a leaf for changes to begin. Finally, an adult ladybug will emerge!

Students will:— read the text — draw a picture — write (copy) the written text

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