Positive Growth Mindset Poster SetPositive Growth Mindset Poster Set

Positive Growth Mindset Posters | Forest Animals


Here are 36 positive, growth mindset posters for your classroom. Use several throughout the year, place them throughout your classroom, or use just one a week for a focused growth mindset ‘thought’ for the week. If you use as a thought for the week, you can create a mini-lesson to go along with each by having students write a journal entry about the quote.

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  • 1. I choose to be positive!
  • 2. Attitude and Effort are more important than talent!
  • 3. Attitude is my mind’s paintbrush. It can color any situation.
  • 4. A Challenge lets me exercise my brain!
  • 5. Never say, “I can’t.” Say, “I’ll try.”
  • 6. Mistakes are only opportunities to learn.
  • 7. Think Positive. Be Positive.
  • 8. With practice, I can and will improve!

36 in all!


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