z 445 Valentine Math for 1st Gradez 445 Valentine Math for 1st Grade

Valentine’s Day themed Math for 1st Grade | Multiple Skills


Designed to reinforce important 1st grade math skills ,your 1st grade students will love the cute bears, penguins, hearts and other cute graphics that fill the pages.  16 different colorful worksheets. To save ink cost, these print well in black and white only as well!

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Skills covered:

  • Single digit addition (with and without carrying)
  • Double digit addition (with and without carrying / Sums to 20 / Sums to 30 / by 10s)
  • Even / odd recognition
  • Single digit subtraction
  • Double digit subtraction (with and without borrowing / numbers to 20 / numbers to 30)
  • Probability
  • Roman numerals
  • Patterns
  • Ordinal numbers
  • In/out ‘function’ tables
  • Reading a pictograph

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