Fun with SNOW – Rhyming and Compound Words (Differentiated)


This differentiated resource is all about working with words, learning new words and having FUN with the word ‘SNOW’! Your students will enjoy this winter themed product as they work with rhyming words and create compound words.

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  • 4 worksheets with words that rhyme with snow (such as blow, blow, crow, grow, know, below and others).
    – Worksheets #1 & 2, students will trace rhyming words
    – Worksheet #3, students will add beginning sounds to complete words which rhyme with snow.
    – Worksheet #4, students will be given 16 words (all with the ‘ow’ letter combination) and will circle only the ones that rhyme with snow.
  • 3 worksheets working with ‘snow’ compound words (such as snowflakes, snowman, snowshoes, snowplow and others).
    – Worksheet #6, students will complete a Venn-diagram graphic writing words that can be added to the word know to make a compound word.
    – Worksheet #7, students will trace 8 different compound words
    – Worksheet #8, students will complete a crossword puzzle using snow compound words
  • 2 worksheets to be used with included word cards
    – Worksheets #9 & 10, students will use word cards to create compound words and record the words they have made. More advanced students can complete #10 which requires them to write sentences for each word.
  • Word Cards
    Students can use these cards to ‘create’ snow compound words.

I have made this unit to be differentiated so that you may use with students of differing abilities. You will find activities that span from ‘tracing the word’ to those which require students to create new compound words through using the word cards and even writing sentences.

I’m including 2 sets of each activity: 1 Color and 1 B/W.

Suggested use of the color pages: These are great for centers and can be used again and again. Simply print and laminate and allow students to use ‘wipe-off’ markers.


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