Blends and Digraphs - Word SlidesBlends and Digraphs - Word Slides

Blends and Digraphs Word Slides


Help your students learn new vocabulary using these interactive, engaging word slides. The resource includes 22 word slides for creating words with blends and digraphs.

Includes the following blends and digraph slides: bl, ch, cl, cr, gl, gr, pl, pr, bl, br, sh, st, th (2), wh (2), dr, fr, sl, sm, fl

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Here are some examples of words that can be made using the word slides:

  • bl: black, blame, blank, blast, bleed, blend, block, blow, blue
  • ch: chain, chair, chalk, chance, change, check, cheek, chick, chop
  • st: stand, staple, step, steep, sting, stop, store, storm

Imagine with 22 word slides how many words students will be reading and learning!


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