World Geography - Identify Continents and OceansWorld Geography - Identify Continents and Oceans

World Geography – Continents and Oceans


Help Students learn to identify and answer directional questions about the continents (South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Africa) and oceans (Atlantic, Arctic, Southern, Indian, Pacific) with this resource!

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  • Worksheets #1-5 – Students will be given a coded world map and asked to (1) identify each continent and ocean; (2) answer directional questions such as “Which ocean touches the Africa’s western border?”
  • Worksheets #6-7 – Students will need to write out the names of each continent and ocean (#6 has a word bank; #7 does not)
  • Worksheet #8 – Students will follow directions to color each continent a particular color and how to label each ocean.
  • Answer Keys

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