Z 316 Algebra 1 - StudentZ 316 Algebra 1 - Student

Algebra 1 | Student Edition


Algebra is an easy to follow, straight forward math curriculum! Suggested use: High School. This pdf download consists of 838 pages of teaching text and practice questions. This is a large curriculum and can be split between 2 years if student needs to do so.
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Units include:
Unit 1: Are Numbers Real?
Unit 2: Algebraic Thinking
Unit 3: Working with Polynomials
Unit 4: Making Sense of Rational Expressions
Unit 5: How Radical Are you?
Unit 6: Extreme Fractions
Unit 7: Exploring Relationships with Venn Diagrams
Unit 8: Is There a Point to This?
Unit 9: Having Fun with Functions
Unit 10: X or (X, Y) Marks the Spot!

(Teacher Edition available!) See DESCRIPTION below for further details of this curriculum.

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Description: In Algebra 1, instructional time will emphasize five areas: (1) performing operations with polynomials and radicals, and extending the Laws of Exponents to include rational exponents; (2) extending understanding of functions to linear, quadratic and exponential functions and using them to model and analyze real-world relationships; (3) solving quadratic equations in one variable and systems of linear equations and inequalities in two variables; (4) building functions, identifying their key features and representing them in various ways and (5) representing and interpreting categorical and numerical data with one and two variables.


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