Rhyming Word Picture Flash Cards – 396 words


This is a LARGE set of rhyming word flash cards with pictures! 396 words in all. There are many ways to use these cards and I give 7 FUN ideas inside this resource!

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Here are just 2 (of the 7) ideas:

#1 In a small group of students, pass out cards to each child in the group, keeping the matches in a pile to yourself. Shuffle your pile. Place a card in a pocket chart and ask the group who has the match. The child with the matching card will come up to the pocket chart and place their card beside your match.

#2 Whole class interaction: Pass out cards to half of the children in the class and pass out the rhyming matches to the other half of the class. Ask the class to find a partner with a rhyming word!

Appropriate to use with PreK – 2nd grade.


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