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  • $3.00

    A fun way to help students learn the letters of the alphabet (both upper and lower case) using these colorful, interactive mats. Students will color, trace (with finger or a pencil) and write each letter. There are also pictures that correlate with each letter’s sound and the entire alphabet on each mat so that students can visually make the connection of where each letter is found!

    You can simply print and use each page or you can cover each with a clear page protector to use again and again with dry erase markers! You can even make a binder with these to take along with you everywhere you go! Simply place each page inside of a clear page protector designed to place into a 3-ring binder and you’re ready to go! 

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  • $3.00

    This fun resource will give students the opportunity to demonstrate that they can recognize both capital and lower-case letters for the entire alphabet! There are 26 puzzles, one for each letter of the alphabet. Student will color each space that contains a specified letter. When each correct space has been colored, the letter will appear!

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  • $6.00

    If you are teaching letter recognition (and corresponding sound), this interactive resource is for you! Includes 52 student pages (2 pages per letter) and focuses on capital letters.

    This NO PREP unit only requires you to print and supply students with crayons (or markers), scissors and glue. That’s it!

    For each letter, you will provide students with 2 pages. The 1st page will be the letter for the students to color and cut out. They will glue the letter onto the 2nd page and then color the picture that begins with that letter! Fine motor skills will be used. 🙂

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  • $4.00
    Big and bold, Christmas Letters A-Z Coloring Book has been designed for PreK, Kindergarten and 1st Graders! There is a coloring page for EVERY letter A-Z with a Christmas / Winter theme!
    On each page, students will color a picture, color and trace the letter and the word for that letter.
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  • $2.25

    If you are teaching letters to your little ones (Preschool / PreK ), this resource is for you! Includes 26 coloring pages with each page featuring a large letter to color, a picture that begins with the letter and a picture word. Students can use crayons, markers, pens, or even finger paint!

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  • $2.00

    This circle letter resource is designed to give younger students the ability to see a word and then spell it using circle letter manipulatives. This resource can be used to reinforce letter learning, letter sounds, formation of words and much more.

    With an October-theme, students will love creating / forming words that are related to Halloween such as bat, web, pumpkin, squash, candy, spider, cat, leaf and house. You will receive two copies of each word mat (color and b/w).

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  • Learning Letters - Dot and Color

    If you are teaching letters to your little ones (Preschool / PreK ), this bundle is for you! Includes 52 student pages (26 for lower case letters and 26 for capital letters).

    On each page, students will complete…

    • * A graphic of the letter by dabbing a dotter on each circle to complete the letter. (If you do not have dotters, students can also finger paint!)
    • * A graphic of the letter to color with crayons
    • * A picture to color and picture word so that students can learn the sound made by each letter.

    Super FUN Letter recognition activity and NO PREP!  Just print and go!

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  • $12.99

    Here’s a full year of lapbook and letter learning FUN! Fun, hands-on, creative learning as students study and learn letters and their sounds.

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  • $2.25

    Help students learn the alphabet, upper and lower case letters and letter sounds using these fun puzzle pieces!


    • Match upper and lower case (2 sets b/w and color)
    • Matching letter sounds
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  • Classroom Decor - Alphabet Train

    Brighten up your classroom area with this colorful alphabet train! This product includes:
    – 1 Engine
    – 26 Alphabet train cars (a-z, showing both upper and lower case letters)
    – 2 Railroad signs

    Laminate to create an alphabet train that will last for years.

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  • Alphabet Flash Cards

    Perfect to use during March and leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, these alphabet flash cards can be used to help students identify both upper and lower case letters.

    Suggested uses:

    • -Name each letter
    • -Match each upper case with the lower case
    • -Sort by upper case and lower case
    • -Use to spell out CVC or sight words
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  • $3.00

    26 puzzles (one for each letter of the alphabet, a-z). Each puzzle shows the letter (both upper and lower case) and a picture!

    Puzzles are all 9 piece puzzles.

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  • $2.50

    Letter recognition skills are required for developing reading and writing skills. Number and number word recognition skills are required for developing reading, writing and math skills.

    Using these cards children can…
    – Identify, name and match upper and lower case letters
    – Identify, name and match numbers with number words

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  • ABCs - Trace and Color Worksheets

    Give your students a way to practice fine motor skills through tracing and coloring while learning and reinforcing the letters of the alphabet! There are 26 pages – One for every letter of the alphabet and on each they will trace both upper and lower case of the letter and a word that begins with that letter PLUS trace and color a picture to represent the word!

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