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    This resource has been designed to give students the materials necessary to create a lasting project designed around their learning and knowledge of Christopher Columbus. Notebooking projects can be teacher directed or student directed, (see description for more about ‘notebooking‘).


    • – Creating a Notebooking Project – What is notebooking?
    • – Supply list
    • – Teacher pages
    • – Student organizational pages
    • – Notebooking pages and templates
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    One page informational text on Spanish explorers: Christopher Columbus, Balboa, Ponce de Leon, Ferdinand Magellan, De Soto and Coronado. After reading the text, student comprehension will be assess through a short reading comprehension worksheet. To extend the lesson, students will be asked to short opinion based essay questions.

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    This is a free resource for informational use as students are learning about the Vikings.

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    Students will enjoy creating their own Christopher Columbus book with this resources! They can use to create a story, report or poem about Columbus.


    • – 3 cover templates (blank, Christopher Columbus, A Story of Courage)
    • – 12 inside page templates
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    This 257 page book holds an 1893 copyright and was written to give information about historical figures living just before and during the beginning of United States history. It is not meant to be used as a textbook but rather a supplement to add stories and facts about the people written about within the pages. It is recommended for 5th-12th grades.

    Suggested uses: Use with your regular curriculum to add another layer of information or give to students to use as a source information when doing research and/or projects.

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