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  • Electoral College Informational Text

    Help your students understand the Electoral College and how it functions in the democratic process of electing a United States president. This resource explains the process, how electors are chosen, how many electors represent each state, what happens on election day as well as January 6th, the amendment that implemented the Electoral College and more.

    After students read the passage, they will answer 7 multiple choice, 1 true/false and 2 short answer questions. Answer key provided.

    Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 5.91
    Fry Readability Grade Level: 6

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    Whether it is an election year or not, if you are studying the U.S. Electoral College, this is a great resource for your classroom.

    Suggestions for Use:
    * If it is an election year, you can assign it for students to complete on election night.
    * Not an election year? You can still use it! Simply assign students to complete the assignment for a specific presidential election.
    * Study a variety of past presidential elections in U.S. History and how the electoral college voted! This would be a wonderful cooperative groups activity where each group completed (and reported their findings) on a different election.

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