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    This is a complete downloadable copy of the book published in 1889.

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    This circle letter resource is designed to give younger students the ability to see a word and then spell it using circle letter manipulatives. This resource can be used to reinforce letter learning, letter sounds, formation of words and much more.

    With an October-theme, students will love creating / forming words that are related to Halloween such as bat, web, pumpkin, squash, candy, spider, cat, leaf and house. You will receive two copies of each word mat (color and b/w).

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    This download has 12 Spelling certificates (6 bw and 6 with color) for you to award students:

    You’ll find the following types of awards:
    * A ‘Most Improved‘ Spelling Award
    * An ‘Enormous Effort‘ Spelling Award
    * A ‘You Reached Your Target‘ Spelling Award
    * An ‘End of Year‘ Spelling Award
    * A generic Spelling Award in which you may write something specific about why the student is receiving the award.
    * A basic Spelling Award

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    This Pumpkin Fiesta book unit is a 26 page complete Language Arts resource, providing reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and spelling activities! Provides a week worth of activities.
    About the Book: A foolish farmer tries to copy the actions of a winning pumpkin gardener to grow the biggest and best pumpkins, but he does not pay attention to all the love and care she gives her pumpkins.
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