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    Use this resource, Constellation Quizzes, to assess student knowledge of the imaginary star outlines or patterns on our ‘celestial sphere’ or they can be used simply as worksheets during the learning of the constellations! I’ve included 2 sets (with a total of 6 quizzes).

    Each quiz will give students pictures and names of constellations and students will need to identify (match) each.

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    Use these ‘Super’ Star awards for any achievement, effort or to encourage students when they have made positive strides!
    2 sizes
    Includes three blank lines so you can write in what has been achieved. Then you will sign and date the certificate.

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    Reward academic or behavioral effort with a “WOW!”

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    Explore the Northern Hemisphere’s Winter constellations with this resource. What are the major constellations? What is the Greek Mythology behind them? What major stars will help guide them through the night sky? How is Orion the ‘key’ to locating the main constellations? What is the name of the North Star and which constellation is it in? What is the brightest star in the sky?

    See description below for more details!

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