Z 296 2nd Math - Unit 4_coverZ 296 2nd Math - Unit 4_cover

2nd Grade Math | Unit 4


In this unit, students are introduced to the number line, an essential representation that will be used throughout students’ K–12 mathematical experience. They learn to use the number line to represent whole numbers, sums, and differences. They see that the tick marks and numbers on the number line are like those on a ruler: both show equally spaced numbers that represent lengths from 0. Students use this understanding of structure to locate and compare numbers on the number line, as well as to estimate numbers represented by points on the number line. Students then learn conventions for representing addition and subtraction on the number line: using arrows pointing to the right for adding and arrows pointing to the left for subtracting. Students also use the number line to represent addition and subtraction methods discussed in Number Talks, such as counting on, counting back by place, and decomposing a number to get to a ten. The reasoning here deepens students’ understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Includes: Student and Teacher Editions
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