Arboreal Mammals | Tree Dwelling Animals | Science Research and Report Activity


During a study of animals (specifically mammals), students can use this product to research and report on animals such as the koala, monkey, sloth or possum. Any tree dwelling mammal is considered arboreal. Students can use this product as both a guide to their research as well as the end reporting tool!

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How will this product ‘guide’ student research?

First, students are asked to identify the specific species they will study. Next, students will be asked to answer several questions which will guide them throughout the process. Sample questions (these are not the only questions):

  • What physical features allow the species to climb?
  • Where does it sleep?
  • Is the species diurnal or nocturnal?
  • How would you describe the social structure of the species?

Students will also be asked to give the full classification of their selected species, to draw a picture of it and to indicate on a world map where it resides.

The last page of the three page resource requires students to list the resources they used to complete their assignment.


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