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English 2 Student Edition – Part 1


(Part 1) English 2 Curriculum – Student Edition for High School

Need the Teacher’s guide? Here it is: English 2 Teacher’s Guide

English II (2) is typically studied in 10th grade. This curriculum is large and has been broken up into to two separate parts. This is part 1 (355 pages) and covers the first four units of English 2:

  • Integrating Technology / Using the Internet
  • Reading / Understanding What you Read
  • Writing / Building upon Your Writing Skills
  • Writing / Taking a Second Look

Click here to see Part 2 of English 2. English 2 covers:

  • Listening, Viewing, Speaking / Communicating Face to Face
  • Literature / Discovering the World, Analyzing Ourselves (Themes, Plot, Conflict, Character and more)

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