z 442 Modern English Vocabularyz 442 Modern English Vocabulary

Modern Vocabulary for High School


This “modern’ vocabulary course has been designed to use with students in 9th-12th grades. This course is a 248 page download and covers over 200 modern words and word phrases that will prepare students to engage in modern discourse. Most of the words in this course are truly ‘modern’ words that should be understood and may also spur on great conversations within the classroom and/or family. This is not your typical vocabulary course simply because of the words studied.  Answer Keys provided / No Teacher edition needed

(See description below for examples of words within this course)


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Here is an example of what you can expect: A vocabulary word will be given and then information about the word will be listed such as definition, possible prefix or suffixes with meanings, differing forms including part(s) of speech and then work given to provide students with an opportunity to use the word.  (See description below for examples of words within this course)

Example words:

  • affluenza
  • blamestorm
  • cocooning
  • desertification
  • extranet
  • emotional intelligence
  • glocalization
  • genome
  • joblock
  • intrapreneur
  • nequity
  • predatory lending
  • shadow economy

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