z 370 Generic Novel Study coverz 370 Generic Novel Study cover

Generic Novel Study Unit Activities | Reading Comprehension


This generic novel study unit can be used with any book and includes multiple ways to engage students and encourage reading comprehension! It is a great tool to study literature as students focus on literary elements like setting, plot, characterization, conflict, resolution and theme in an interactive way!

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What you get in this unit:
Part 1 – Journal Activities (before starting the book, during reading the book and after the book is completed). These activities includes activities such as…
– Before you Begin: thoughts and beliefs
– What do you know about the author?
– Vocabulary Studies (2 activities)
– Chapter Level Activities: characters (major, minor, protagonist, antagonist), setting, plot development, theme(s), cause and effect, conflict, resolution, figurative language and summaries
– After Completion Activities: story elements, in-depth character, setting, plot (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution), theme(s) analysis, figurative language, and more!

Part 2 – Generic Questions for Evaluations throughout the novel study (beginning, middle and end) PLUS fun activities!

Part 3 – Interactive Notebooking Templates (before starting the book, during reading the book and after the book is completed). Templates will have students focusing on…
– Title and author
– Story elements
– Vocabulary
– Chapter summaries
– Characters
– Figurative language
– Plot (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution)
– Setting
– Themes

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