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Here’s what is in the Mega-Organizer:
For your Family
* Weekly Round-up (To list your most weekly tasks, a shopping list, special cleaning needs, events, dinner menus and more)
* 2 _different_ Family Calendars (For all 12 months)
* 7 _different_ Chore Charts
* 1 Family Task Chart
* Important Phone Numbers page
* Shopping List
* Address Book
* Password Keeper
* Home Improvement Goal Chart
* Bill Payment Record
* Tax Deductible Donations Record
* Home Inventory List
* Personal Daily ‘To Do’ Monthly List

For School
* 2 _different_ Attendance Record sheets
* High School Course of Study Check List
* Transcript Record Chart
* Grade Keeper
* Curriculum Planner
* School Goals Chart
* Quarterly Scheduler
* Academic Project Planner
* Weekly Assignment Planner
* Lesson Planner
* Field Trip Log
* Extra-Curricular Log
* Reading Time Log
* Music Practice Log
* 2 _different_ Student-kept Reading Logs
* Notebooking Rubirc
* Lapbooking Rubric

For Work
* Monthly / Daily Agenda Highlights Chart
* Weekly Agenda Chart
* Future Dates to Remember (by Month)
* Daily Tasks Log
* Weekly Tasks Log
* Blogging Ideas Chart
* Blog Post Manager
* Product Ideas Chart
* Project Manager Record Sheet

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