Social Studies Vocabulary | 100 Most Often Used Words


This large resource (320 pages) will help students learn the 100 most often used words in Social Studies throughout their school years. This is such an extensive resource that it can be used year after year to reinforce student knowledge. Recommended for 5th – 8th grades but would be an excellent review resource for High School students!


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What you get:
– There are seven sections. The first 6 sections focus on 15 vocabulary words; the 7th section focuses on 10.
– In every section, you’ll find:
* Word list
* Definitions
* Missing Parts Worksheet
* Antonym & Synonym Worksheet
* Bingo Cards
* Blackout Worksheet
* Crossword Puzzle
* Fill in the Blanks
* Flashcards
* Matching #1 (for Quiz or study)
* Matching #2 (for Quiz or study)
* Matching #3 (for Quiz or study)
* Spelling Worksheet
* Spiral Puzzle
* Word Cubes (for study or centers)
* Word Wheel (for study or centers)
* Sentence Challenge
* Crossword Puzzle #2
* Word Maze Puzzle
* Word Search
* Unscramble the word
* Jigsaw Puzzle

Because there are so many activities, this unit can be used year after year to teach and then reinforce these important vocabulary words.

Sample words: agriculture, alliance, civilization, capitalism, compromise, democracy, diversity, decentralization, federalism, hemisphere, heritage, loyalist, latitude, preamble, profit, republic, responsibility, scarcity, secession, tariff, urbanization



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