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    111 page Teacher’s Guide for American Government

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    This United States Constitution Lapbook will help students gain an good understanding of America’s foundational document and American History.

    It is an interactive learning resource and can be student guided or teacher directed!

    Included in this product…

    • Lapbooking instructions
    • Assignment page
    • Lapbook Rubric
    • Complete copy of the U.S. Constitution
    • Lapbook templates

    While completing this project, students will be asked to report on things such as…the purpose of the Constitution, when it was written, the amendments, Bill of Rights, the framers of the document, the Constitutional delegates, the Virginia Plan, separation of powers, checks and balances, the make up of the different branches of our government and more. A copy of the U.S. Constitution is included. Students will be required to research or read books to gather information to complete much of the project.


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  • $3.50

    The resource is an 11 slide PowerPoint to help students learn basic etiquette surrounding the American flag.

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    This resource, Symbols of the U.S.A. – U.S. History Informational Text, has FIVE parts: The Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Great Seal, The Bald Eagle and The American Flag.

    In each section, students will have one page of informational text and then 2 pages to assess understanding / comprehension through multiple choice questions and writing prompt page. Answer Keys provided.

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  • How to display the U.S. Flag

    32 slide PowerPoint to help students learn how to correctly display and honor the United States Flag.

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  • $7.50

    This large resource (320 pages) will help students learn the 100 most often used words in Social Studies throughout their school years. This is such an extensive resource that it can be used year after year to reinforce student knowledge. Recommended for 5th – 8th grades but would be an excellent review resource for High School students!


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  • $9.99

    This resource is a 278 page student text on American Government.

    Units include:

    • Structure and Function
    • Foundations of American Government
    • The Federal System
    • The Three Branches
    • Influencing Government
    • Civil Rights
    • Government Transformation (20s-30s)
    • Domestic Policy and Foreign Affairs
    • The Politics of Democracy
    • Personal Involvement

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