US Geography Reading Comprehension passagesUS Geography Reading Comprehension passages

U.S. Geography | Informational Text | Regions of the United States


Use these informational articles to help students expand their Social Studies related vocabulary and practice reading comprehension as they gain greater knowledge of climate, geography, history, economy and culture within the various regions of the country.

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Included Reading Comprehension Passages:

  • 1. Regions of the United States
  • 2. The Northeast and Midwest Regions
  • 3. The South and West Regions
  • 4. Learning More about the New England Subregion of the Northeast
  • 5. Learning more about the Middle Atlantic Subregion of the Northeast
  • 6. Learning more about the South
  • 7. Learning more about the Midwest
  • 8. Learning more about the West Region of the U.S


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