Animals and their Habitats | Student Created Mini-Book


Hands-on learning! Students will create their own mini-book while learning about 8 different habitats, animals that live in those habitats and what animals need to survive in their habitats!

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Habitats covered:

  • forest
  • desert
  • wetlands
  • arctic
  • ocean
  • rainforest
  • jungle
  • grasslands










Sample text:

A habitat is the environment in which an animal lives and satisfies its needs. An armadillo lives in the desert. Animals need both living and non-livings things in its habitat to live. This anteater that lives in the rain forest eats living ants for food….

The arctic is a very cold environment with a lot of snow. Here are some animals that live in the arctic…penguin, walrus, polar bear, reindeer. Cain you name other arctic animals?


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