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– It includes all four Sermon Notes for Kids and a perpetual license to use all Sermon Notes within a local church ministry. After purchase, the license grants permission to the purchasing ministry / church to freely reproduce and distribute copies within its local ministry / church.

(See description below for more details on the included four Sermon Notes for Kids)

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Help kids attending your ministry / church get the most from every service! This resource will allow kids to take notes, answer questions for self-reflection and keep a record of each service. Suggest to parents to review the child(ren)’s sermon notes after the service discussing what they heard, learned and did!

Although the Sermon Notes are different in small ways, here is a sample of what you’ll find on the ‘Sermon Notes for Kids’…

  • – Book, chapter, verse of today’s main passage
  • – What are you learning about God?
  • – Words I don’t understand…
  • – Questions I have about what was said…
  • – Favorite song? Why?
  • – Most important thing I learned?
  • – How can I use this in my life?

Sermon Note #2 will also ask …

  • – Did I give an offering today?
  • – Did we celebrate the Sacraments (baptism or Lord’s Supper)?


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