Easter Language Arts Unit with VocabularyEaster Language Arts Unit with Vocabulary

Easter Language Arts Unit | Vocabulary


Help your students learn and practice using new vocabulary words during March and April with a fun, Easter themed resource which contains a variety of Language Arts skills throughout including grammar, spelling, alphabetizing, using words in context, sentence writing and more. (Includes some differentiated activities)

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What did I keep in mind while creating this resource? Research studies have shown that students need to see, read and interact with words 5-7 times before they are admitted to long-term memory. Words are more easily learned if your child is active – drawing a picture of the word, writing her own definition of it, and thinking of an example sentence to use it in. This is better than simply writing the word over and over again.

What you’ll get:

  • Word Wall – 43 vocabulary words
  • Vocabulary Poster
  • Student handout of words
  • Worksheets for multiple Language Arts skills (See activities below)
  • Puzzle
  • Easter Stationary
  • Word cubes

Activities include:

  • Define words through illustration
  • Practice handwriting skills (both manuscript and cursive worksheets included)
  • Grammar activities requiring students to…
    *identify nouns (both living and non-living: i.e. classification skills)
    *identify and create sentences with both verbs and adjectives
    *categorize the food words / months of the year words
  • Spelling and Alphabetizing: Students will…
    *identify double consonant vocabulary words
    *complete the spelling of the words that contain missing letters
    *alphabetize different sets of words
  • Using words in context: Students will…
    *complete a story with missing words
    *write stories using pre-selected words from the word wall (according to color)
    *write sentences throughout the above grammar worksheets
  • Word Cube: Students can…
    *Use words in a sentence (verbally) or write words in a sentence as they are rolled. Great small group activity!
  • Word Search:
    *Studies have shown that word search and other word puzzles can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, word recognition, pattern recognition, and overall mental acuity!

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