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    With this Math resource, students will learn and practice identifying fractions: halves, thirds and fourths! Students will learn that fractions are created when one whole is divided into equal parts with given examples. Students will then be asked to demonstrate learning by:

    • – Identify and distinguish between when one whole has been divided into ‘equal’ parts vs those that have ‘unequal’ parts
    • – Identify and distinguish specific fractional parts of a whole when given a specific fraction to identify
    • – Distinguish one fraction from another fraction using pictures showing whole objects divided into differing equal parts
    • – Choose the correct fraction displayed for each picture given
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    Here are 12 Math worksheets with a Christmas theme for use anytime in December! As students are beginning to work with equivalent fractions these worksheets will help them visually see and understand relationships. (Denominators up to 12 – Answer Keys included)

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  • Multiplying fractions using visual models

    Help your students understand and remember the basis of multiplying fractions using a visual model method! This product gives you 120 problems in which students will multiply a fraction with a whole number. For each problem students will be asked to color in given visual fraction models to find the answer. Then they are to write the answers using mixed numbers.

    Product includes 10 worksheets (12 questions each) = 120 questions + answer keys.

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    4 Fraction Wall posters (or handouts)! You’ll get 2 in color (one with fractions and one without) and 2 in b/w (also one with fractions and one without.

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  • Naming Fractions | 2nd - 3rd Grade Math

    Help students practice and reinforce their knowledge of fractions by naming each visual model given! 168 problems – 14 worksheets, each with 12 problems (partitioned circles). Ready to usePrint and Go.

    There are pages that focus solely on one fraction type (i.e. thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths) and pages that will have mixed types (combination of halves through eighths). I have also included different names for the same fraction (i.e. two-fourths / two-quarters / one-half). All pages are in color but can easily be printed in grey-scale if needed! Answer Keys are provided

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  • $5.00

    This WINTER Math Skills Review resource as a fun Winter / Snowman theme and covers a multitude of 1st grade Math skills.

    Suggested uses: For reinforcement of skills, in math centers, for seat work or to give as homework.

    Perfect for January or any winter month and with 57 student pages, you actually have a couple months worth of activities!

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    This resource of Math Classroom Posters provides 22 posters! Posters are centered around…Measurement, Time and Fractions. This resource was designed for 1st-3rd grade classrooms.

    See description below for suggested uses.

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