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    This set of no prep, 10 worksheets will give students the practice they need to compare three digit numbers. Students will be asked to use greater than, less than or an equal sign (<, > or =) for each pair of numbers. Each worksheet includes 30 number pairs to compare. Answer keys are included.

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    Give students the number sense practice they need through comparing numbers 1 to 120 as they identify whether one number is greater than, less than or equal to another number! This product includes 10 worksheets divided up into 2 sets of 5 worksheets for a total of 10 worksheets plus answer keys.

    Set 1 – Students will compare numbers 1 to 20
    Set 2 – Students will compare numbers 1 to 120

    Because there are two sets, you may use at different times of the year based on student knowledge or as differentiated worksheets!

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