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  • martin luther King nobel peace prize

    A Day in History – Investigation Station is a series of fun sleuthing research and writing activities based on a single event on a specific day in history! This resource focuses on the day that Martin Luther King, Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize (October 14, 1964).

    Students will learn about an event and be given several topics from which to choose to ‘investigate’. After some exploration, students are asked to write what they have discovered and name used sources.

    So…with each lesson, students will:
    ▪ (Read) Learn one ‘On this Day in History’ fact.
    ▪ (Investigate) Take a related topic and explore it through the use of different forms of media (i.e. books, internet).
    ▪ (Write) Summarize and write what they have discovered. This also should include the recording of sources.

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  • Martin Luther King, Jr. vocabulary exercises

    Help students grow their vocabulary and practice Language Arts skills with this MLK – Martin Luther King, Jr. resource! Use as a standalone resource or as a springboard to further MLK study during the month of January or anytime.


    • – Vocabulary Packet: 39 words
    • – MLK Creative Writing assignment
    • – Alphabetical Order
    • – Scrambled Letters Worksheets
    • – Word Search
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  • $1.50
    This MLK resource is a fun concentration / memory / matching card game. Students will love playing!
    Benefits of matching /memory games include…
    •  -improve concentration
    • – train visual memory
    • – increase short term memory
    • – increase attention to detail
    • – improve the ability to find similarities and differences in object.
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  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Puzzles 1st and 2nd

    Celebrate MLK Day or Martin Luther King, Jr. any day of the year with these 5 fun, skill honing puzzles. Why puzzles?

    • – Why word puzzles? Studies have shown that word search and other word puzzles can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, word recognition, pattern recognition, and overall mental acuity!
    • – Why mazes? Solving mazes also boosts patience and persistence and teaches them about the rewards of work.
    • – Why picture puzzles? Picture puzzles help improve short-term memory. Our short-term memory helps us remember shapes and colors and visualize the bigger picture to figure out which pieces will fit together.
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  • Martin Luther King, Jr (MLK) High School Research Unit

    Martin Luther King, Jr (MLK) High School Research Unit has been designed to be used around the MLK holiday in January or during Black History Month in February.


    • * The Early Years
    • * Terms to Know (26 terms including: arbitration, conscientious objection, moral suasion, selective patronage and stockholders campaign)
    • * Timeline of important events
    • * Large excerpt of “I Have a Dream” speech
    • * Research questions
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