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    Whether late December or early January, this holiday resource will provide your students with a quick lesson on New Year’s Day. After they read the passage, their attention to detail is accessed as they answer five short answer questions and then complete a crossword puzzle.

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    Goal setting is a invaluable life skill that needs to be taught. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting realistic, achievable and meaningful goals / resolutions for the New year. It is divided into three sections: Inventory, Resolutions and Steps.

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    Celebrate the NEW YEAR with your students as they create their own personal New Year Labpooking project! Within the activity, students will be asked to…

    1. Review and use holiday related words such as resolution, goals, confetti, midnight, joy, Winter, together, calendar…and more
    2. Write at least 3 facts about New Years.
    3. Create a few goals / resolutions to share
    4. Answer questions about their life (last year and in the up coming year).

    I also have given suggestions of other items that can be shared in the lapbook as well as provided additional templates!

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