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    Help students learn about the anatomy of the tooth with this colorful poster!

    Parts (defined and shown):

    • cementum
    • crown
    • dentin
    • enamel
    • gums
    • nerves
    • periodontal membrane/ligament
    • pulp
    • root
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  • Cavity Prevention Health Mini-Lesson

    This informational text is a perfect short lesson to use anytime for a Health class or perhaps a Reading or Science class during the month of February which in Dental Health Month! Students will learn what cavities are, that microorganisms (called plaque) produce acid and the acid breaks down the enamel! They will also learn about tarter, what not to eat and how to care for their teeth.


    • 1 page of informational text (I’ve included both a color and b/w version)
    • 1 page assessment (multiple choice and fill-in-the-blanks)
    • Answer Key
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    Help students learn the parts of the mouth and the types of teeth with this labeled poster and worksheet!

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