13 Colonies | Notebooking through History


Give students a interactive way to reinforce and share their knowledge as they learn about the history of the 13 colonies by creating a fun project with this notebooking resource.

Completing this project will require students to gather, organize and present the material through writing and illustration. **It can be as thorough as you assign or you can leave the assignment completely student driven.

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I have included some informational text which is designed to help students begin their project. They can use only this material or they can extend their learning through the use of curriculum materials, internet and book searches and any other media available.

The text I have provided will cover areas such as: Who were the settlers? / The Journey / New England/Middle/Southern Colonies / Motivations / Economy / Beliefs / Revolution / Jamestown and more.


  • – Creating a Notebooking Project…What is Notebooking?
  • – Supply list
  • – Evaluation Rubric
  • – Assignments page
  • – Organizational pages
  • – Informational Text
  • – Maps
  • – Templates (28 different fun, template pages)


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