Z 292 2nd Math - Unit_8_CoverZ 292 2nd Math - Unit_8_Cover

2nd Grade Math | Unit 8


In this unit, students develop an understanding of equal groups, building on their experiences with skip-counting and with finding the sums of equal addends. The work here serves as the foundation for multiplication and division in grade 3 and beyond. Students begin by analyzing even and odd numbers of objects. They learn that any even number can be split into 2 equal groups or into groups of 2, with no objects left over. Students use visual patterns to identify whether numbers of objects are even or odd. Next, students learn about rectangular arrays. They describe arrays using mathematical terms (rows and columns). Students see the total number of objects as a sum of the objects in each row and as a sum of the objects in each column, which they express by writing equations with equal addends. They also recognize that there are many ways of seeing the equal groups in an array. Later, students transition from working with arrays containing discrete objects to equal-size squares within a rectangle. They build rectangular arrays using inch tiles and partition rectangles into rows and columns of equal-size squares. The work here sets the stage for the concept of area in grade 3.

Includes: Student and Teacher Editions
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