Z 286 3rd Math - Unit 3 coverZ 286 3rd Math - Unit 3 cover

3rd Grade Math | Unit 3


In this unit, students work toward the goal of fluently adding and subtracting within 1,000. They use mental math strategies developed in grade 2 and learn algorithms based on place value. Students work with a variety of algorithms, starting with those that show expanded form, and moving toward algorithms that are more streamlined and closer to the standard algorithm. Understanding of place value also comes into play as students round numbers to the nearest multiple of 10 and 100. Students do not need to know a formal definition of “multiples” until grade 4. At this point, it is enough to recognize that a multiple of 10 is a number called out when counting by 10, or the total in a whole-number of tens (such as 8 tens). Likewise, a multiple of 100 is a number called out when counting by 100, or the total in a whole-number of hundreds (such as 6 hundreds). Students use rounding to estimate answers to two-step problems and determine if answers are reasonable.

Includes: Student and Teacher Editions
Size: 374 pages

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