Z 288 3rd Math - Unit 1 CoverZ 288 3rd Math - Unit 1 Cover

3rd Grade Math | Unit 1


In this unit, students ready to learn multiplication will interpret and represent data on scaled picture graphs and scaled bar graphs and then they will learn the concept of multiplication! Students explore scaled picture graphs and bar graphs as an entry point for learning about equal-size groups and multiplication. The idea that one picture can represent multiple objects helps to introduce the idea of equal-size groups. Students learn that multiplication can mean finding the total number of objects in groups of objects each, and can be represented by a x b. They then relate the idea of equal groups and the expression a x b to the rows and columns of an array. In working with arrays, students begin to notice the commutative property of multiplication. In all cases, students make sense of the meaning of multiplication expressions before finding their value, and before writing equations that relate two factors and a product. Later in the unit, students see situations in which the total number of objects is known but either the number of groups or the size of each group is not known. Problems with a missing factor offer students a preview to division.

Includes: Student and Teacher Editions
Size: 369 pages

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