Reading Strategy Author's PurpseReading Strategy Author's Purpse

Author’s Purpose


An important aspect of understanding any written text is being able to determine the author’s purpose. Was the piece written to persuade, to inform or to entertain? This Language Arts packet begins through explaining P.I.E. (and later includes a 4th purpose of writing: to express personal feelings). Students will be asked to read passages throughout and to determine the purpose of each.

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What you’ll find inside this resource:

  • Instructional text about Author’s Purpose P.I.E.
  • A proof reading activity of the same text as the Author’s Purpose instructional text. This will not only reinforce student learning but also allow them to practice grammar skills as the proofread and correct the passage.
  • 4 sets of worksheets (with a total of 19 passages) for students to read and select the author’s purpose for each. On several of these passages, students will also be asked to ‘delve a little deeper‘ as to purpose!
  • 2 topic pieces (one on Alexander Graham Bell and the other on the Earth from Space).

Bonus: At the end of this product, I’ve included a worksheet (report type) for students to use with any book/article to describe the Author’s Purpose. On this page, students will also be asked about point of view! This form/worksheet can be used again and again throughout the year.

Answer Keys are provided.


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