Biography Project for Black HistoryBiography Project for Black History

Black History Month | Biographical Project


Help students celebrate famous African Americans during February, Black History Month, with these biography project pages! You can assign a specific person such as Maya Angelou, James Booker, Matthew Gaines, Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglass or countless others (or) you can allow students to choose their own person to research and then create a notebook project!

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Why assign a notebook project? You want to engage your students in active research and have them organize and report what they’ve learned.

The benefit of using this type of resource: It will enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers. It will allow your students to express their ideas in unique ways and process information they are learning. Their finished notebook projects will become a valuable study tool for students to reflect back on, and are great as a record of student progress over time.

Unit includes:

  • – What is notebooking? (explanation)
  • – Using Biographical Notebooking Pages (instructions)
  • – Supplies Needed List
  • – Evaluation/Rubric Worksheet
  • – Assignment Worksheet (optional)
  • – Cover page
  • – Table of Contents page (2 options)
  • – Project KWL
  • – 10 reporting pages (different layouts)
  • – Sources for this Project worksheet

This type of assignment can be given individually or assigned within cooperative groups. You can also extend the assignment and require an oral / visual presentation of completed projects!


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