Constellation Flashcards


This Astronomy / Science resource, Constellation Flashcards, contains 2 sets of 24 constellations for a total of 48 cards. (Includes Astrological / Zodiac Constellations)

  • Set one has lines that show the stars connected to create the constellation.
  • Set two shows only the stars of the constellation (no lines). You can use set two to have students learn the ‘grouping of the stars’ as they actually see them in the sky -or- you can allow students to actually draw the lines on each card to help learn the constellations.

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Constellations included in this resource:

  1. Andromeda
  2. Aquarius
  3. Aquila
  4. Aries
  5. Auriga
  6. Bootes
  7. Cancer
  8. Capricorn
  9. Cassiopeia
  10. Cepheus
  11. Coma Berenices
  12. Cygnus
  13. Draco
  14. Gemini
  15. Hercules
  16. Leo
  17. Libra
  18. Lyra
  19. Orion
  20. Pegasus
  21. Perseus
  22. Pisces
  23. Sagittarius
  24. Scorpio
  25. Taurus
  26. Ursa Major
  27. Ursa Minor
  28. Virgo


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