Daily Vocabulary for Middle School


This workbook resource will give students the explanations and practice they need to master important vocabulary skills which will help them be successful. Includes a pretest, a post test and answer keys.
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This workbook includes 4 Sections & Subsections:

  • Tools for Building Vocabulary
    – Why work on your vocabulary?

    – Tools and techniques for learning new words
    – Use a word’s context to figure out its meaning
    – Create meaning from connotations
    – Understanding word parts
    – Take words down to their roots
    – Mnemonics: Codes to help you spell words
    – Synonyms and antonyms
    – Which is the right word?
  • Use Different Parts of Speech to Increase Vocabulary
    – Discover new nouns
    – Pick the best adjectives
    – Zip up your verbs
    – Dress up verbs with adverbs
  • Build Vocabulary in All Subject Areas
    – Words to describe personalities
    – Words to describe feelings
    – Words to describe extreme emotions
    – Strange feelings and emotions
    – Learn words for the Sciences
    – You may see the doctor now
    – Words about families
    – Mind your manners
    – Words from popular culture
    – Words from the sports arena
    – Words about politics
    – Words about computers
  • Build Vocabulary in Special Ways
    – Words we’ve adopted
    – Words that really mean something else
    – Confused and abused words
    – Words about words
    – Words with extra power


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