My Easter Friends Mini-Story BookMy Easter Friends Mini-Story Book

My Easter Friends Mini-Story Book


Students will love creating their own Easter mini-book (secular ; non-religious) about fun Easter characters! Characters in the story: Easter Duck, Little Duck, Easter Bunny, Little Lamb and Easter Bear. Students will practice fine motor skills as the color and trace. Once complete, they’ll have a fun, little 18 page book to read and share!

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These are my Easter friends. This is my friend Easter Bunny. This is my friend Easter Bear. This is my friend Little Lamb. My name is Easter Duck and this is my sister Little Duck. Little Duck loves Easter eggs. Easter Bunny brings her lots of eggs! Little Lamb help her hunt for eggs after I hide them all. My friend Easter Bear loves tulips. So I give her some every Easter. What do I like best about Easter? I like wearing my Easter bonnet! What do you like best about Easter?

Preparation needed: To prepare for students, all you’ll need to do is print, cut and staple! (If students are skilled enough, you can even have them cut and staple their own.)


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