Geometry – 3 Classroom Posters


Here are 3 colorful “Geometry Gem” posters to display in your classroom or to place in a math, learning center as a reference.
See description below for a list of what is included!

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  • Types of triangles: Name, defined and picture
  • Types of Polygons: Name, defined and picture
  • Types of Polyhedrons: Name, defined and picture
  • Picture definitions: line, segment, ray, parallel, intersecting, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical
  • Explanation of congruent triangles
  • Types of angles with pictures
  • Abbreviations for base, diameter, height, length, radius, side, width, area, area of base, circumference, perimeter, volume and pi
  • Definitions and formulas (with pictures) of perimeter, area and volume for a variety of shapes!


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