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This is a downloadable copy of the book. (279 pages)
About the book: This out-of-print book will give students details ‘in simple language’ (and illustrations) dealing with steam, electricity, light, heat, sound, hydraulics, optics and other apparatus. (See more in description below)

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Chapter 1: The steam-engine
Chapter 2: Conversion of heat energy into mechanical motion
Chapter 3: The steam turbine
Chapter 4: The internal combustion engine
Chapter 5: Electrical Apparatus
Chapter 6: The electric telegraph
Chapter 7: Wireless telegraphy
Chapter 8: Telephone
Chapter 9: Dynamos and electric motors
Chapter 10: Railway Brakes
Chapter 11: Railway Signalling
Chapter 12: Optics
Chapter 13: The microscope, telescope and the magic-lantern
Chapter 14: Sound and musical instruments
Chapter 15: Wind instruments
Chapter 16: Talking-machines
Chapter 17: Why the wind blows
Chapter 18: Hydraulic machinery
Chapter 19: Heating and lighting
Chapter 20: Various Mechanisms

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