z 330 1st grade math - 2D Shapes coverz 330 1st grade math - 2D Shapes cover

Learning 2D Shapes


These 18 worksheets are designed to help students learn and identify 2D shapes. Students will trace the shapes, trace and write the names of the shapes, identify attributes (corners or no corners) of the shapes as well as identifying the shapes. Shapes include: square, circle, triangle, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, rectangle and oval

4 Sets:

  • – 3 Identifying attributes worksheets
  • – 6 Tracing the shape and name plus writing the name worksheets
  • – 5 Tracing the shape and matching each with its name
  • – 4 Tracing the shape and writing the names from a given word bank

Answer Keys provided.

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