z 441 Valentine Multiplication for 2nd 3rdz 441 Valentine Multiplication for 2nd 3rd

Multiplication for 2nd-3rd | Valentine Themed


Multiplication worksheets designed to help 2nd and 3rd grade students learn multiplication! Your students will love completing the single digit multiplication problems wrapped in valentine designs. These pages will help students…understand multiplication as well as practice and reinforce their knowledge of facts. (See more in the description below)


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Types of worksheets included those that require students to…
– represent each multiplication problem as an addition problem + give the product
– draw a picture to represent the multiplication problem as well as explain why it is true
– write the sum of an addition problem and then write a multiplication problem to represent it
– identify the multiplication problem that represents a given sum
– write the product of given multiplication problems

Also included: Valentine’s theme multiplication facts game with flashcards!

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