Types of Nouns | Interactive Notebook or Lapbook


Engaging and interactive, this Grammar resource will help your students learn to identify different types of nouns: common, proper, singular, plural, possessive, collective, compound, concrete and abstract. Students will be asked to list, categorize and use in context the different types of nouns!

This resource can be used within an already existing Language Arts notebook or can be used to create a separate notebook or lapbook project while you are teaching! I’ve included numerous picture representations to help with using templates.

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Benefits of using this type of resource for learning:

  • – Students learn to organize and synthesize their thoughts
  • – Accommodates multiple learning styles
  • – Students are building a portfolio to track growth over time
  • – Study materials are being developed while students learn
  • – Students take ownership though color and creativity


  • – Definition Templates
  • – Flower petal template (A Noun is a…)
  • – Flaps template (common and proper nouns)
  • – Accordion template (common and proper nouns)
  • – Flaps template (common: people, place, things, animals / proper: – people, place, things, animals)
  • – Flower pots and flowers (common and proper nouns)
  • – Light Bulp template (nouns that are ideas)
  • – Arrow template (abstract / concrete nouns)
  • – Flaps templates (Using abstract and concrete in context – sentence writing)
  • – Pocket templates (singular and plural nouns)
  • – Multiple fold template (singular and plural nouns – word search!)
  • – Tab Templates (possessive nouns – with their objects)
  • – Flap templates (possessive nouns – in context – sentence writing)
  • – Circle template (collective nouns: animals, people, things)
  • – Tab template (collective nouns – naming)
  • – Accordion template (compound nouns – creating)
  • – Pocket template (compound nouns)

Depending on the level of your students, you can use only parts of this resource or use it in its entirety.


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