Photosynthesis | Food Factory in the Forest | Cross-curricular


This cross-curricular resource will inform and assess students’ understanding of the basic process of photosynthesis. Includes both close reading and a cloze activity.

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Worksheet #1: Informational Text + close reading assessment. Questions will be both about understanding the basic process of photosynthesis but there is also a question about the figurative language used within the passage and what the writer’s purpose of the text. (Science and English)

Readability of the informational text:
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 4.8
Automated Readability Index: 3.9

Worksheet #2: A cloze activity of the text in the 1st worksheet. Why cloze?
It is used:

  • to identify students’ knowledge and understanding of the reading process
  • to determine which reading cues readers are effectively using to construct meaning from text
  • assess the extent of students’ vocabularies and knowledge of a subject
  • encourage students to monitor while reading
  • encourage students to think critically and analytically about text and content

Worksheet #3: An essay question to challenge student critical thinking skills beyond the basic information of photosynthesis.

Worksheet #4: A fun word search puzzle using vocabulary taken from the informational text. Sample words include: chlorophyll, absorb, process, glucose, dioxide

Answer Keys provided


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